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Modern Farming Techniques in India

  • 1.1 What is Modern Farming?
  • 1.2 Modern Farming in India
  • 1.3 Modern Farming Techniques
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What is Modern Farming?

Farming is a traditional method conducted from ancient times. The first business that humans discovered is farming. The time when humans get to know that crops and plants can be grown with the help of their seeds is the time when human discovered their first source of food and earnings. In starting, humans only cultivate to produce for their living and food. After some time, they started to grow more crops and plants and started selling the extra produce.

By that time humans have made many improvements in agriculture and invented new farming techniques or methods. With their help of them, they succeed in increasing productivity. The latest technologies that human uses for farming have converted farming into modern farming.

Innovations and technologies are developing daily, and farmers are being more aware of these techniques. Agriculture is a traditional activity but with the use of the latest and modern technologies it has become Modern Farming. So, we can say that farming that is conducted by the use of modern farming methods and techniques is referred to as Modern Farming.

Modern Farming in India

Agriculture in India is still believed to be a traditional procedure because it is conducted in India since very ancient times. Still, two third of India’s population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. But the thing that makes it modern despite being a traditional activity, is the modern techniques. When we compare it with other foreign countries, we call it modern farming.

Modern techniques of farming have a huge scope in India as it is a developing country and agriculture is the common business of many Indians. Farming is growing in India day by day with the help of these modern techniques but despite that shift of people to other activities can be seen. The main reason behind that is the lack of awareness among the farmers.

Modern Farming Techniques

Here are some modern farming techniques used in India by farmers that can help them to increase farming productivity. These methods and techniques may increase awareness among the farmers and help them to improve.

  • Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming is a concept that focuses on improving farm productivity through sustainable ways of working. As the climate crisis is accelerating farming needs more sustainable methods of farming. This method of farming improves the health and productivity of the farmland by enriching the soil and regenerating the land in sustainable ways. Moreover, it reduces your input costs while maintaining production at the same cost.

In this method, the soil is made healthier by natural fertilizers and bacteria which improves the fertility of the soil. Artificial fertilizers cost high and also damage the soil’s fertility. Thus, it’s a cost-effective and sustainable method of farming.

  • Data powered decision making

Data analysis plays a vital role in modern farming. It includes gathering and analyzing data that allows for gaining farm insights. And these insights help you understand your farm and animals better so that you can evaluate profitability. All this ultimately helps you make better-informed decisions.

  • Precision Farming

It is a sustainable method that alleviates many economic, environmental, and productivity pressures. The method combines technologies with livestock and crop science to improve farming productivity. This method allows you to select the correct input and its correct application.

  • Vertical Farming

Vertical farming has gained a lot of traction in the past few years. In this method crops and plants are grown in a soil-free, layered, and vertical environment. Climate, lighting, irrigation, and fertigation are controlled in this place to maximize efficiency and output. This method vertically maximizes the cultivation space rather than occupying many hectares of land for producing crops.

  • Micro farming

Micro farming is the technique from which you can earn more with the help of the same space of land. Micro farming uses the latest technologies of farming such as aquaponics, automated irrigation, LED lighting, and solar panels to boost productivity and profits. It allows the creative selection of crops that can be re-grown several times throughout the season in the same plot of land. And you can achieve maximum output from minimal land.

  • Autonomous tractors

Farming is a highly labor-intensive method that an autonomous tractor can reduce. Self-driving tractors can automate some of your farming tasks. Robotic milkers and feeders might be common in farming units but typically take more time than autonomous machines.


Opting for these modern farming techniques can create a profitable future for your farm. Investing in technologies is an investment in a better future for farming. Whether you’re looking to diversify your farm, enhance sustainability, reduce costs, increase productivity, save time, or improve animal welfare, technology can help you do that.

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