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Easy ways to Improve Farming Productivity


  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 Organic Farming – Demand in India
  • 1.3 Reasons for Opting for Organic Farming
  • 1.4 Easy Ways to Improve Farming Productivity
  • 1.5 Investing in Organic Farmland
  • 1.6 Conclusion













Numerous efforts have been made by the farmers to increase production because it is their preferable demand and needs. Farmers generate most of their income from their farmlands and they must fulfill the demand through their farm’s productivity. To meet the occurring demand farmers, have to renew their farms for more productivity.

The productivity of the farms can be increased through various means like improving soil fertility, irrigation method, improving the qualities of manure and fertilizers, selection of the right crops to grow, crop protection, and analyzing climate before cultivation. These are some common ways to increase the productivity of farms. These points should be taken care of before making the strategy of selecting crops and planning to start farming.

When agriculture commenced around 12000 years ago the technologies and development were at their early stage. Farmers use simple methods of irrigation and cultivation. But by the time development has been made in the agriculture sector, innovative methods of farming steadily enhance productivity growth.

There are various types of farming Aquaculture Farming, Cooperative Farming, Organic Farming, Urban Farming, etc. Among all these, Organic Farming is an optimistic and Sustainable method of Farming. It is not only beneficial for the environment but also for improving the productivity of the farmland.

Organic Farming – Demand in India

Organic Farming is a trending need for Modern Day Indian living. More and more people are tending towards Organic food and products. Climate conditions are tremendously changing and disturbing the consistency of living conditions. People have become health conscious and opt for organic food and products.

Organic products in the form of food, and cosmetics are beneficial for health to use. Herbal cosmetic products are harmless and chemical-free therefore people are embracing organic healthcare products. Organic food is also more nutritious and tasty than inorganically grown food. India is a developing country where people are getting more aware of healthy natural products therefore the demand for Organic Farming and products is increasing day by day in India. And given that farmers are choosing Organic Farming in India.

Reasons for Opting for Organic Farming

Organic Farming has numerous benefits for which it can be a better way for the farmers to rely on it. It promotes a healthy way of living and it is also an eco-friendly way of farming. Many reasons are indicating the use of natural products that are grown organically by the use of organic manure and fertilizers. The ecological benefits of Organic Farming are a major reason for the betterment of the ecosystem.

Easy Ways to Improve Farming Productivity

New methods and techniques have given the solution to the problem of farmers improving productivity. Learning the methods to improve productivity is a crucial aspect of effective farming. Here are some easy ways to improve farming productivity.

  •  Implementation of land reforms

Land reforms through the implementation of tractors and machines are the best method to increase productivity. These implements or machines can smoothen the rugged farmlands and make them ready to work efficiently on them.

  • Interplant

It is a practice in which a variety of crops are grown simultaneously. It is an optimal way to increase the productivity area of the farm. Only the need is to ensure the selection of crops because some crops are good to grow together and some are not.

  • Plant more densely

Sometimes farmers use to grow their crops at an excessive distance which may lead to the desertion of the productive land area. It is the simplest way to improve the productive area and yield as well.

  • Crop shifting

It is a method where the cultivation is conducted for a particular period such as two or three seasons. After that, farmers abandon the place and leave it to allow the land to regenerate fertility. Continuous cultivation on the same farmland results in the depletion of the fertility of the land. The nutrients of the soil get exhausted in previous cultivation and to grow more crops on the same farmland, the land needs time to renew for further cultivation.

  • Smart Water Management

Water management is an important aspect in the view of improving the farm’s productivity. Methods like drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are the optimal method of irrigation. Building canals and tube wells are also considered a smart water management technique.

  • Plant Protection

Most of the crops get destroyed due to insects, pesticides, and diseases. So, farmers need to spray pesticides and insecticides in the right amount according to their needs. Because excessive use of chemicals may destroy the crops.

  • Use of Nitrogen

Nitrogen can be sprinkled on the crops in the form of fertilizers to increase the crops. Nitrogen is a necessary element to enhance production. Most crops would not exist without Nitrogen.

Investing in Organic Farmland

Smart Farming refers to the concept of managing farms using modern technologies such as AI, drones, and robotics. These smart farming methods optimize the use of labor and also improve the quality and produce of yield. With the rapid development in the agriculture sector farming has become an earning means for many.

India is a developing country where every business is becoming more income-generating. New means and technologies are resulting in increasing returns and investments as well. Likewise, with the help of precision agriculture and other modern technologies, investing in Organic Farmland has become a new emerging and income-obtaining business for farmers.


So, we can conclude here that with the improvements in agricultural technologies, it has become a wealthy business for India. Agricultural countries like India are developing by opting for modern means and technologies. The agriculture sector is developing through awareness among farmers of methods like smart farming. Some easy ways mentioned above can help you increase your farm productivity.

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