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How to start with Organic Farming at farm house

Organic Farming is sustainable, and profitable in nature, but when looking forward to buying your farmland, it is vital to verify some fundamental resources. It is important to undermine various aspects of organic farming that include soil quality, easy access to market, water availability, seed health, and more.

Under National Program for Organic Production (NPOP), Organic farmers have to meet some set parameters to qualify to sell their produce. If you are looking forward to growing or selling organic crops from your land, then it should meet the below-prescribed requirements.

As per the NPOP, there should be no prohibited substance on your selected land. If your produce yield has traces of such substances during testing then the harvests crop cannot be sold under the label of organic farming and will be priced accordingly.

It is important to distinctively define your farmland boundaries as it acts as a buffer to denote the area of your land. Many times organic farms are sitting right next to land that is not under organic management,

Importance of soil fertility and nutrient management

Organic farming requires regular maintains of soil to improve the physical, chemical, and biological condition of the soil. It can be done through tillage and cultivation practices which enable in providing sufficient natural fertilizers and ensure improved physical, chemical, and biological habitat for cultivation.

During your first harvest, it becomes important to ensure the proper availability of water for harvesting. It becomes important to understand the type of crop that you plant in your land and accordingly choose the water storage for proper irrigation.

One has to also look into the type of soli present on their field and accordingly add natural fertilizers to make the soil fit for agriculture. While using animal or plant materials like raw manure to improve the fertility of the soil. While using natural fertilizers on your farmland it is crucial to ensure there is no crop, soil, or water contamination.

Every crop requires some special nutrients to grow strong. While growing your crop organically, one has to keep a regular check on the harvest and provide a certain quality of manure. It helps the plant to grow strong and produce a better yield.

Although soil and proper water source for irrigation are necessary for a good organic harvest, still seed selection is amongst the most important step that ensures the quality of the crop. So always select the best quality seeds for natural farming as it helps the plant to grow fast during the germination stage.

Organic farming involves the use of natural minerals to provide nutrients to the plant. By cultivating the same crop round the year reduces the fertility of the soil and makes it hard to maintain the quality of the soil. Regular crop rotation helps the soil to gain back its nutrients and recharges the quality of the soil. So plan crop rotation on your farmland to keep the soil healthy and fit for profitable production.

Last, but not least, it is also essential to include disease management to keep your crop healthy and fit for consumption. In addition, it is also important to protect your harvest from predators, and insects to control the loss of productivity.

By following the pointers mentioned above you can ensure a good farming experience and in cash higher profits. Organic farming is affordable and sustainable. It is also highly profitable if the crop is properly managed, so invest today with Organic Monk or buy your own farmland today.

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