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Global Organic Market Seeks Exponential growth

The latest data unveils 71.5 Million hectares of global farmland are organic!

Organic Farming is on the rise and recently crossed the 100 Billion US Dollar mark. As per the market research conducted by Ecovia, the importance of organic farming is being widely accepted by farmers worldwide and is boosting the sector exponentially.

Recent research highlights the rise in demand for organic food in Germany, the USA, the UK, France, and many more countries across the world. Such a rise in demand is mainly due to the health and nutrition benefits offered by organic fruits and vegetables. Research by Ecovia also suggested that Denmark had the highest organic market share with about 11.5 % of its total food market.

 It is estimated that about around 3.4 Million farmers have resolved to organic cultivation. India is amongst the highest organic farmers who are excelling in natural agriculture with high profits. If you are looking forward to buying or investing in farmland then Organic Monk can help you in finding the best deal to purchase a well-managed land for horticulture, and an exquisite cottage for vacation.

With time we have observed a constant rise in organic farmland and with time it is assured to keep rising. People prefer healthy food, even if it costs a bit expensive. A healthy lifestyle and awareness amongst the people are directly influencing the rise in organic food demand.

With time organic food is going to have a massive demand and farmers have already embraced this idea. Global warming and climate change are some real challenges for people around the globe and sustainable development can be the key to saving our planet.

Organic Farming is sustainable and eliminates the use of harmful chemicals for agriculture. Natural farming helps in combating major climate hazards like groundwater pollution, harm to biodiversity, use of chemical fertilizers, and others.

Organic Agriculture is a high-profit business and has a sophisticated market for consumption. Still, organic farming also poses some major challenges for farmers. It is a highly competitive market and requires some initial knowledge of natural farming. Factors like soil health, water availability, care from predators, and diseases ensure how good will be the final crop.

Organic farming is affordable, all you need is land with good soil quality. Organic Monk is an organization that offers the best farmlands at an affordable price. Properties by Organic Monk are particularly suited for organic farming. They have 15 years of experience in natural agriculture and offer their expertise to their clients. You can purchase land or invest with them for high profits.

Natural farming is high in demand but requires a lot of hard work and patience to achieve the best results. You can contact Organic Monk for purchasing or renting farmland and use their managing expertise to your ease. They provide easy monitoring of customers’ lands on their smartphones via drone and CCTV.

Investing in farmland is better than risking your hard-earned earnings on the share market or precious metals like gold and silver. Interestingly investing in land is the safest investment and has assured appreciation in property rates with time. To know more about organic farming and how it is profitable contact Organic Monk today.

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